Are You Treating Your Business Like A Business?

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SuccessIf you’re looking to build a multi-million dollar business, then you have to start treating it like one… right NOW!  Most people think they will once it’s starts paying them like one, but I have news for you… if you don’t do it now it won’t ever develop into one.

Treat your business like a business and it will pay you like one… treat your business like a hobby and it will pay you like one

Most network marketers don’t look at their business as a ‘real’ business.  I think that’s where the disconnect comes in.  How could you expect others to want to join you in business if you don’t look at your business as a real business?

So what are some things you can do to treat your business like a real business?

Business Hours:

Would you agree that successful business have business hours?  If you don’t know what times you’re working, then how do you expect to work?  Most network marketers work when they feel like it… or when they find the time to squeeze it in.

business hoursYou’re not going to build a business that will pay you for the rest of your life by just doing it when you feel like it… or whenever you have a free moment to squeeze it in.  You need to create some structure.

It doesn’t matter if you’re able to put 5 hours per week or 30 hours per week towards your business.  Whatever the amount of time is that you can allocate towards building your business, schedule it.

When I say schedule it, I mean put it on your calendar and block out that time.  If the time is not schedule something else will come up that will get in the way.  This will take a bit of discipline, but it will pay off big time in the end for you.

Tracking Results:

If we want to be productive and effective, we need to know what’s working and what’s not working.  The only way we can do that is by tracking our results.  Make sense?

Let’s say you’re on a diet and workout plan to get into better physical shape.  Would you know it’s working by looking in the mirror?  Well that’s exactly what tracking your business results is like.  Being able to look at your results is just like looking in the mirror.

tracking resultsIf you’re tracking your results daily, weekly and monthly… then you’ll be able to see exactly what’s working as well as where you need to make some adjustments.  This is probably one of the most important things you can do as a business owner… and most networkers don’t do it.

You should be tracking things like how many phone calls did you make, how many appointments did you set, how many presentations did you do, how many enrollments did you get, etc.

Let’s say a month went by in your business and you didn’t personally enroll anyone.  If you’ve been tracking your actions then you’ll know where the issue is.  You’ll be able to ‘look in the mirror’ and see that you didn’t make enough phone calls to make appointments to show presentations.

Sometimes network marketers don’t want to track their actions because they’re afraid to see the results.  If this is the case then you should just close up shop now…

Implementing just these two pieces into your business will yield you better results.  Do it for 30 days and see what happens.  Are you up for that challenge?  Leave us a comment below and let us know if you are.

Share this post with others as it will help them build their businesses on purpose as well.  Thanks for spending some time with us today on the blog… we’ll talk to you soon!

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Yours In Success,

Jason Fisher & Eric Goldstein

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  1. Love this post Eric! If you take care your business it will take care of you. Its all about implementing a business plan that is good for you along with time management and sweat equity. To be a successful entrepreneur you ave to work it. Thanks for sharing Eric!

  2. G’day Eric,

    Great post mate, I read something on Rachel Jackson’s blog talking about something similar. You have to be consistent in the work you do on your business. Making a schedule defiantly makes a huge difference. Simple exercise to do but worth it, I’ll be sharing this post on Twitter, more people need to know this.

    • Hey Tom,

      Thanks… it’s important to schedule your
      activities, otherwise they don’t get done.

      Thanks for sharing this post!

  3. Hi Eric,

    This is so true! This is a simple principle, yet so important to apply! The answer is often in being focused and consistent on these little things that can make a massive difference in our success and personal growth!

    Thanks for an empowering post!

  4. Great post Eric, It does pay to finally become an entrepreneur and step it up! This roadblock is the biggest and only obstacle when running a thriving network marketing business.

    • Hey Justin,

      It really is… most networkers just never
      take their business seriously. To be a true
      entrepreneur you MUST.

      Thanks for the comment Justin…

  5. Great blog post and just what is needed because so many people want to tell you they have failed with their online business or their business opportunity and the reason is exactly as you say. They do not treat it as a business. They treat it as a hobby and all that happens is that just like hobbies, you don’t make any money.

    Everything you say from time, productivity through to tracking are all “business like” activities.

    We were speaking from stage at the weekend to a room of people wanting to start a business online and we made it very very clear that they needed to start a business and not a hobby – great to see we are all repeating the BIG MESSAGE!

    Thanks guys

    Chris & Susan

    • This is a big reason for most not doing
      anything in the industry. There are much
      bigger issues, as discussed in our ‘Featured
      Content’ post… but most networkers don’t
      take their business serious.

      It’s great to hear that there are others
      out there sharing the same message. Keep
      up the great work guys!

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