Arbonne Review: Why Top Leaders Are Leaving Arbonne

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This Is A Detailed Arbonne Review

We’re going to dig into why the business can NOT fulfill on the promise of lifelong residual income.  We’ve sat down with several RVP’s in Arbonne and they shared all the ‘gotchas‘ within the business model that you don’t know about until you advance through the compensation plan.  This Arbonne Review will make a lot of sense either if you’re involved with the company, or thinking about getting started with the company.

Arbonne Review

Arbonne Review: The Arbonne Scam?

When creating this Arbonne Review we needed to take a look at why people join Arbonne in the first place.  It’s the same 2 reason’s why the masses are attracted to the MLM industry in general.  They want to own their own business without having all the overhead that comes along with traditional business… and the most important reason, they want to earn residual income.

Some will join for the Arbonne products, but the majority join for the business.  I think a lot of people have a distorted view of the term ‘residual income’.  To us, residual income is LIFELONG.  True residual income is when you build a business that lasts and pays you for a lifetime, not just a lunchtime like Arbonne.  Now we’re not just picking on the Arbonne business, it’s the entire MLM industry.  MLM doesn’t work… period, over and out!

If the main reason people are attracted to Arbonne is to create lifelong residual income, then the business model hasn’t worked and never will.  That is why there are a lot of people running around saying “The Arbonne Scam”.  All of what we’re sharing here is not our opinion… just take a look at why TOP Arbonne leaders are walking away from the company.

Arbonne Review: Arbonne Executive National Vice Presidents Leave

Executive National Vice President (ENVP) is the position that everyone is striving for… and 3 people who have achieved that position have all recently walked away.  We’ve talked to many consultants in the business and they can’t seem to understand why people “who are making” $25,000 – $50,000 per month would leave.  I’ve got news for you… nobody making that kind of money leaves.

The reason they left is because they are NOT making that kind of money.  When MLM companies come up with the annual income statistics for the positions in the company, they’re practically lying to everyone.  The MLM business model is all about “fake it till you make it“.  It’s a bunch of smoke and mirrors!  That is why we created this Arbonne Review, to give you the information you need, minus the smoke and mirrors.

When people fall out of status, they still “keep the title” of that status… but their income is not included in the annual statistics for that status.  So the numbers are scued BIG TIME!  A company like Arbonne does this so it looks like there are all of these people “at the top” making all kinds of money, when the truth is their not.  There are some very major faults with the Arbonne Compensation Plan that caused these leaders to walk away, and this is the information that nobody is talking about, and a big driving force behind this Arbonne Review.  You deserve to hear the truth…

After this review you should see the faults in the Arbonne business model that stop it from fulfilling on the promise of LIFELONG residual income.  Remember, it’s not just Arbonne… all MLM business models never have and never will fulfill on this promise.

If you’re interested in finding out about our business model, that is NOT MLM… something that can create true lifelong residual income in your life, then enter your information below to see what business model we’ve aligned ourselves with..




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  1. I think an mlm could work if:

    1. They had an exclusive product that had no competitor.
    2. Their comp plan paid the people in the trenches (mid ranks) a higher %. Instead of the ones at the top.
    3. Their product was consumable with unheard of customer loyalty. That way if distributors stopped working the business they would still take the product.
    4. They had a customer/distributor ratio of 60/40 or better (60% revenues from customer/40 % from distributors) which is unheard of.
    5. They had a strong recruiting tool instead of some video with cars and castles.

    So if anyone knows one of those let me know…

    • Hi MJ
      How does a 95% monthly reorder rate from your customers sound to you? How does a customer/distributor ratio of 95 to 5 sound?
      If you like those numbers give me a call.
      Robert Ford

    • MJ – I do know of a Company that is as you described, and more. One of the main drivers of success is retention – due to a combo of amazing life-changing products which are easy to share, and up-front money for product users which encourages long-term use.

  2. You are correct on some points, and incorrect on others. You are correct that Arbonne VPs are leaving and a lot of them have left because of the comp plan. But that is not the sole reason. There are a lot of problems within the company and there are many who are unhappy with the direction the company is going. I am one of those VPs who left for many of those reasons, not just the comp plan.

    On the other side, your explanation of a binary (or in my case hybrid binary) is inaccurate and misleading. If your explanation was entirely true then I, as a new person in the company, would have to be making less than the person who enrolled me(who has been with the company 4 years.) As it is, I have rolled up my sleeves and worked harder, and my income surpasses hers, now just 1 year in.

    As for the success of MLM companies, you have obviously overlooked Amway. I have never been associated with that company, but they are an example of lasting success – founded in 1959. I would say that’s a pretty good run, and they are still running.

    As for customer retention, I was with Arbonne for 8 years. I had customers who ordered regularly the entire 8 years. Did everyone who ever signed up with me keep ordering? No. Do some? Yes. I was not actively building a business the last 3 years and my income stayed consistent, even increasing.

    My hope is that people do their research before deciding on a company, and that people truly get to know the facts of what network marketing companies are all about.

    • Hi Julie
      Thanks for your comments. The main point we are making is that to enjoy residual income the business must have a lot of people that are doing a little, not a few who do a lot. If you watch our free webinar you will get a better understanding of all the elements that must be in place to enjoy real residual income.

    • Julie

      I would like to learn more about the internal problems or any light you could share about the company. I am joining the company next couple of days and signing up to attend the conference in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. Thanks Shelley

      • Shelley,

        Thanks for your message. We definitely would love to
        talk with you before you make the decision to join. Contact
        us on our contact page, and let’s talk before you take that step.

        It will be one of the most important calls that you have regarding
        the home based business industry. We look forward to talking..

    • I would really like to hear more about your Arbonne experience. I am an Independent Consultant and really questioning the validity of this business model. It certainly ropes you in financially with personal volume requirements and the expenses of samples and marketing materials. I have layed out a lot of money and don’t see any break in sight. I would love to know why a VP leaves the business. Sure seems like a lot of work getting there.

  3. This is exactly why I joined isagenix a year ago! The compensation plan is amazing, and not to mention the weightloss and super healthy body I got out of it! I have 45 people on my team, all happy and healthy, all together on the team that I am on is over 100+. Isagenix is the way to go hands down!!!

    • Tiamaria,

      Thank you for your commment. We will be releasing a video
      review on Isagenix within the next week or two. We’re going
      to share a lot of things, very similar to Arbonne, as to why
      all of these MLM’s have a hard time creating residual income.

      You have to look at how many people do you have ordering at
      the end of the month.. and specifically the people that started
      to do the business but never did anything… are those people
      still ordering in the majority? The answer in MLM’s is no,
      unfortunately. It doesn’t mean the company doesn’t have good
      products, but when you start asking people to spend new money
      on expensive luxury products, things they’re not already buying,
      they won’t stay doing it consistently long term.

      If it’s truly about residual income, you have to look at that.
      You have to take the emotion of the products, the company and
      the people you are working with out of it, and look soley at are
      the majority staying ordering every month consistently long term
      even when they’re not doing the business anymore.

      Thanks again for commenting here..

  4. Look at the clear profits that these rvps have made…
    Thousands of pounds!
    This is very goog busnesses to be involved in if you have motivation to do well

    • John,

      Thanks for your comment. We’ve talked with many RVP’s who
      are back to work, and either lost their car or are paying for
      it themselves now. You have to look at the whole picture. When
      customers aren’t staying long term, and you have breakaways in the
      compensation plan, it eventually destroys a leaders business.

      Thanks for sharing here…

  5. Good article, however a spell check brings the author additional credibility. Scued is not a word, however, skewed is.

    Thanks for the interesting read.

  6. This video talks a bit about how MLM companies may be deceiving, but the video itself is a bit deceiving as well. Maybe MLM companies won’t provide lifetime residual income but I researched all three top level Arbonne performers who left the company and each one of them made millions of dollars from their business. Not sure how that ruins and destroys lives. If I can do something for a while that makes me a few million dollars and then the money suddenly stops coming in, that works for me! That’s still better than any 9-5 job out there. This video makes it seem like these people left because they never made anything. They made tons of money! Also, two of the three women, Lisa De Mayo and Lynn Hagedorn have moved to another MLM company – Isogenix, which you predict in this video will also fail. From their Facebook pages, it appears they have both hit the “millionaire club” with this company too. Maybe nothing good lasts forever, but these women ARE millionaires and they all started by selling Arbonne.

  7. I was thinking the same thing!!! “When the truth is their not”… It’s they’re….

  8. My experience is right on point with what Jason talks about. Thanks for sharing why my business went from over 200 consultants down to 3 active today. Just as fast as we signed great people up they didn’t even stay long term as a customer. Now that i saw this, it makes sense why people didn’t stay even ordering as a customer, great products but to expensive and people didn’t stay buying long term. The reps didn’t stay ordering 100 volume points a month which is what they started having to do to earn income and stay active. Can’t wait to learn from you what a solid business looks like because i want that for me and my family.


  9. Please I saw this before gettig sucked in. What aload of rubbish. My friend has just joined hence me nearly getting sucked in. Hope she doesn’t end up broke as clearly just a con.
    Thanks Jason fisher

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